16th May 2016

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Dear Colleague,

Some of you have asked for my opinion regarding candidates for the upcoming judicial election.  Since this election is so important to our justice system, I decided to send you my unsolicited recommendation. I strongly encourage you to support and vote for JUDGE KERI KATZ and I would ask each of you to share this recommendation with your friends and family in San Diego County and ask them to share this recommendation with their family and friends.  Because of the difficulty and expense of running in county-wide Superior Court elections, even the best candidates must often rely on word of mouth and social media.  I would be very grateful if you could help me get the word out.

Unfortunately, Keri has drawn a challenge to her judicial seat from an attorney who ran two years ago and lost.  There is no justification for this challenge!  Keri is a fantastic judge who deserves our support. She has served this community with her intelligence, compassion, integrity, modesty and fairness for almost ten years as a judicial officer. Keri is endorsed by over 150 Superior Court Judges as well as a number of law enforcement agencies, and elected and appointed officials throughout San Diego County. I encourage you to check out Keri’s website along with the very brief summary of her background and experience:

JUDGE KERI KATZ – office 38

Judge Katz has almost a decade of judicial experience. She was appointed as a judge to the San Diego Superior Court in January 2014 and currently is assigned to a family law department.  Judge Katz previously served as a Superior Court Commissioner for approximately 7 years, presiding over criminal, civil, and family court matters. As an attorney, Judge Katz served the public with distinction for more than 20 years. Her career began as a San Diego Deputy City Attorney, prosecuting hundreds of criminal cases including several jury trials, and she later handled complex civil trial matters in both the state and federal courts. Judge Katz was promoted to several leadership positions within the City Attorney’s Office eventually becoming the Assistant City Attorney where she was in charge of the entire civil division of the office. Prior to leaving the City Attorney’s office, Judge Katz served as the Chief Legal Advisor to Mayor Jerry Sanders.  Judge Katz has been honored with a number of awards including the Certified Family Law Specialists “Judicial Officer Recognition Award,” the City’s Partnership Award, and a proclamation of “Keri Katz Day” in the City of San Diego.  You can read more about her biography and campaign at her website: http://www.electjudgekatz.com.

Thank you so much for considering my recommendation. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me.

Bruce Cornblum


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