11th Jun 2014

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In general

Are you unsure whether your client’s case is covered under a liability or property policy?  Is the adjuster telling you there probably is no coverage?  Has your client received a denial of coverage letter?

The adjuster in these circumstances is relying upon a COVERAGE OPINION written by an attorney paid for by the insurance company.  The attorney has expertise in coverage determinations.


Potentially, you have on your side an attorney with 50 years experience in coverage litigation who is also:

1.    Author of an encyclopedia on California Insurance Law which defines and explains all policy terms, defenses, admissibility of evidence issues, appeal rights;

2.    The author is under contract with the largest legal publisher in the United States, Thomson Reuters (West), reading and providing written explanations regarding every California judicial opinion published by a California court.

3.    The 3-volume CALIFORNIA INSURANCE LAW DICTIONARY AND DESK REFERENCE makes reference to over 5000 California opinions and statutes.

How to obtain a coverage opinion

Merely contact Bruce Cornblum’s office [858-485-8770] and/or briefly explain the problem in an email [cornblum@pacbell.net].  Mr. Cornblum will respond requesting specific information as well as describing the possible cost of the opinion.  A personal meeting with counsel at counsel’s office where the client and all documents are located may be required.

All opinions are written personally by Mr. Cornblum.

Cost of coverage opinion

The range of cost for a coverage opinion by one of California’s most knowledgeable counsel is $500 – $3500 depending upon the required materials presented for review and/or conferences required.  A retainer reflecting the estimated cost will be required.

Other subjects

Coverage opinions are also available for:

1.    Motions for summary judgment, making of or opposing;
2.    Appeal strategies

The coverage opinion will relate only to the materials and facts presented to Mr. Cornblum.

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